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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2014 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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lickness we see beyond temporary surviving that through our relationships with one another we like the phoenix rising from the ashes arises stronger with greater commitment to seek the greater good rather than that satisfies our perm vaifrz values on this the 25 anniversary of literally we gather to pause and reflect we pause and reflect brown upon our 63 boggs who lost their lives on this traffic day and intranscribe their names in our book of life we pause and reflect upon those who risked their lives then and now in particular your firefighters and police force in turn we pray you granted them endearment in time to make critical decisions and
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should have felt them when they encounter danger we reflect been the visionary leadership of those entriftd with the leadership those bridge burldz for the past quarter of a century brought us together and modest difficult decisions and from the rubble to rebuild san francisco the city which today shines as a jewel among city's we pause upon the transformation a transformation that ising 234i9d our collective views to build relationships become vigilant for preparedness and in the best tradition of the generosity off our for beers to extend philosophy we've sought to be co-creators of you oh,
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merciful one at least let us not forget but remember october 17th rz not as a day of catastrophe but as a down dawn for the people in ooersz of the relationships and any centuries this we play pray in our own manner and tradition amen. >> very nice thank you director michael pappus next we're going to move things over to our honorable mayor and talk about our new website sf 72. >> bob thank you very much and thank you also for helping us to commemorate 1906 and now our
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loma prieta earthquake that's it it's my pleasure to join the fire chief and the department of emergency management and all departments we use this commemoration not only to acknowledge the 63 lives that were lost in the loma prieta earthquake but acknowledge the lives that were saved as a result of the great response we gave to our city and remind ourselves can do we have to do to get prepared bob said we have a communication device forcing for all the resident the is a way to communicate to make sure our residents are better prepared because we've learned valuable lessons from 41989 and we will not allow ourselves to suffer more because we know that the earthquake is next to come it is a question of when not if
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so what have we learned we've learned our brick buildings are vulnerable and we are learning our soft story buildings are still vulnerable we're fixing that with the ordinance now that mandates the soft story buildings as in the marina we're not going to allows to be equivalent i eventually fantastic 60 thousand that residents can be saved we'll mandate the retrofit of those buildings now we're going to turn our attendance attention to our students they're still our students in the city and turn our attention to helping the private schools to make sure their i safer we have 72 to teach all our residence guess what he was under the desk yesterday
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literally with the newest middle grarnd in our marina students their drawing maps of their homes and check listing with their parents wherever an earthquake happens they're treating themselves i join with our frepts nerd program and the neighborhood empowerment at work and all the communicates and i join apa all the wonderful necessary things the management is doing to help to previously prepare use it is not just 9-1-1 and the police and i fire it has to be every neighborhood step forward and saying we will help save ourselves in the first 72 hours this city is also training
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and retraining each other and while we're having probably the most successful economic recovery that a city can ever have whether it's the giants helping us or (clapping) yes. t yes. t yes. the mooichlt revival this recovery helps us to charge a resiliency officer with the rockefeller foundation to look around the corner and see what's next, we, help save lives and be important resilient and found out what we have to do to reduce fear and utility the economic recovery of our city and is let's not deal in fear but opportunity to certify for lives
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this is how we should meet outline all our challenges all the volunteer organizations from the community-based groups the neighborhood leaderships to our citywide departments let's keep working on all those things together and having those conversations and identifying things i'll be your mayor to invest properly we don't elevate awareness and education we utilize more people and drive them to the information and then our department of department of building inspection our public works and city administrator our officers what work with the fire and management all of them working together to invest properly we're spending $25 billion in the 10 year capital plan it to make sure our libraries are safe
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our rec and park department where the people go every day we're making sure outline i all ocean infrastructures and institutions that safe where else do we need to invest i've got policy and school systems and soft story buildings almost our proper investments we drove down along broadway i saw now the possibility of completing a family housing that used to be underneath the factory site that's an opportunity to make sure we have torn down the freeway to make it safer let's make it opportunity for people to live safer in the community this is all a great time for our city as much as we sigh we want good giants we also are doing our work to make sure we're goal
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san francisco and everything we do to prepare for the next event we do that because we love the city and care about the residents our sport teams say if we we support each other and make sure we care about each other we're going to be a greater city not only in the sports but in an aftermath and in the institutions that are surrounding us we'll be a greater city to make sure the lives lost and the people we commemorate today they're the people experiences will not be forgotten by honoring them that's why i say thank you to all our speakers and agencies let's keep making sure we go forward and not only commemorate
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but utility that experience in a positive for all the positive investments we make thank you very much for being here (clapping) and so long as mayor ed lee is no fool he mentioned the giants twits how about michael morris with the home run and travis mark feral will be up here in a second he's a hard right hander he has a personal story and announces a story for a memorial please welcome him. >> thanks bobby want to thank you for being here this is effected us in the state of california as a city of san francisco i say this to someone that group in the marina i was
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on the way back from football practice on the 22nd and eiring market and sure enough the earthquake happened we got back to the marina district and turned off the wood land drive and saw the devastation the second story windows down on baker and you saw all the devastation throughout the marina this 2r0r78d the neighborhood in san francisco and effects us in so many ways i want to thank in particular our first responders that are here but in particular our fire department that helped to truly safe our marina district led boise by chief joanne hayes-white
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(clapping.) and the phoenix fire boat that truly saved our marina district and pumped the are water 2r9 bay the story in our books and i want to also thank the members of the community that have come together since then michael pappus mentioned the phoenix that came out of the devastation in the marina district our nerd classes formed and the fire department thank them the max wells to the golds to the kennedy isabel is here i want to thank everyone this is not just a community of san francisco coming together not only our first responder to making sure we're here together into the future as we remember and prepare for the next earthquake
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to come what also come out i came out of the earthquake was a remedy brans as someone that grew up in the marina my parent still will there remembering is a core part of with what we do and proposing for the future the idea around an earthquake memorial around the green that reminds the first responder and in particular, the fire department that truly saved our district and neighborhoods from future devastation but we need to prepare for the future to today, i'm happy to announce in partnership with mayor ed lee and i want to thank the mayor for his strong support we're going to build a earthquake memorial along the green dedicated to the firefighters that savored our district and make sure that everyone remembers what happens and prepare for the future i want to
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acknowledge the steering committee 0 for the memorial and acknowledge everyone from the steering committee if you want to stand up and be recognized by everybody (clapping) and as well as artist that are here that are going to be designing the earthquake memorial as well (clapping) this is a memorial again not only teaches us to remember but also rooted not history of the marina district i think the serves us well as we look at the water in the bay and i want to thank everyone involved in the sdinlt it means a ton for the district and more to san francisco the timeline we're going to finalize our design and break in you 2016 i welcome everyone to the groundbreaking next year and thank you, mayor ed lee and chief joanne
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hayes-white for all there's support thank you, everyone. >> thank you very much marking mark the time is here in a minute i'm going to bring up chief joanne hayes-white to talk e talk about the nert program i want to do a couple of songs on my album we have about a minute to 5 to 4 i'm going to bring up my good friend chief joanne hayes-white can you explain what this is the ringing the bells and 504 i think. >> good afternoon, everyone i will be speaking again, after to acknowledge a lot of people but gives me great pleasure to ring the bell for the memorial of the lives lost in 1989 signaling the final event of what happened 25
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years ago. >> the property loss and how lucky we are to live here with those folks and the moment of silence will follow the ringing of the bell should this is a celebration off how far we've come we're more vibrant than ever with the new roads so here this is about 10 seconds to 504 let's let that given now (bell ringing). >> and now a moment of silence let's bow our heads
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thank you very much everybody now, it's ply pleasure to bring up to the podium one of my great if i understand jingling to discuss some of the things chief welcome. >> thanks bob (clapping.) good afternoon everyone and thank you for that slum moment it is a pleasure to be i think everyone remembers where they were 25 years ago i was not not in the fire department we had a big game at our high school the lights went out and the jim shock it is near ocean and 43 land but what i saw and widow i knew i was going to be entering
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the fire department was our great community people automatically stepped up and rahm emanuel gunmaning the intersection i support a great city i'm proud to be a native san franciscan when i entered the fire department shortly thereafter, in 1990 what came of the loma prieta earthquake was the ability to recognize how engaged our community is from that the nert program was born the neighborhood emergency response program i was one of the original instructors and it is an incredible program people helping people getting prepared in the workplace we all know the more prepared it is easier to respond and quicker into the recovery phase affair for all
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you have participated in the nert program please stand up or raise your hand it was completely volunteer so thank you very much (clapping.) and the program itself was start i don't know in my if i'm going to get to the current person but all her poeshgs this is stated by frank woody allen net and patty to have brought the program to where it is when i became the chief of the department in 2004 selected the probability most senior nert crossroad that's e.r. ray can thank you, very much. this is not just a job but a passion i'm proud to work you with for the
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lives you've changed and nert executive board for spreading the word and i would be amiss to not acknowledge dennis and original nerts as well as the rec and park department and gail thank you for all you do and recognizing the importance of safe nert and behind the scenes someone i didn't have the opportunity to work with but truly in the san francisco fire department there's no denying he's the son of assistant chief frank he was passionate about the water system and as supervisor farrell described saved the marina was able to pump copious amazes of water from the bay when the
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system failed in the marina thank you. i'm sure it's a special day i want to acknowledge my colleagues in the city departments we've worked together better than we ever had on the direction of the mayor ed lee when he was the director of public works a hands on mayor and prioritize public safety on an everyday basis so forming those relationships in a non entering emergency makes us you'll work together in an now and then emergency situation and supervisor mar who's the champion of pedestrian safety and supervisor farrell a native san franciscan i also see a friendly sxheegs about the police and fire and there's going to be a cook off, of course, you know who i'm going
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to be roolt for 81 thank you for coming out it's a perfect opportunity to encourage our neighbors to be in a nert program go on the website and see when the emergency program put together there's no excuse not to be prepared and we encourage you to do so and keep in mind those that lost their lives 25 years ago today and never will forget them thank you (clapping) oh, thank you. >> thank you, chief we are going to have some fun in a few minutes but i'll be putting open a cheefsz hat i do want tiff to finish up to talk about the partnership within pg&e one of our sponsors and the american red cross bay area so
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to that end please welcome the ceo of american red cross and pg&e vice president of emergency preparedness and response bearing anderson gentlemen come on up (clapping.) good evening. i'm just curiosities i want to see a show which hands who were here on the actual event so a majority of people you may recall after the earthquake the r50kd volunteers ma of whom were personally impacted began to work side by side 8 thousand r50kd volunteers provided supplies houses nearly 70 thousand people and he served over 6 thousand meals and distributed a blanket and
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closing neighbors helping neighbors american red cross is about training people and preparedness and bringing people into to be volunteers and literally turning around to help their neighbors we helped to rebuild and fund a number of homes in various community around the bay area as well as drilling for new wells and are repairing water pumps the disasters are about people coming together than that about cities falling apart we gambling became stronger and more resilient look around you getting ready for the next disaster at home school and at work is crucial and no one agency can it did do it alone that's why we're happy to have our partnerships with the city of san francisco city of oakland and the california arthur and
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the salvation army to name a few let me say more do pg&e pg&e has been an invaluable partner to the american red cross in helping us respond and prepare to disasters together with our award-winning initiative we've reached over one million community london breed's with the preparedness activities and established the relationships that are 150esh8 to the ability to recovery and become stronger after a natural disaster a culture in which neighbors help neighbors each are excepted with the acknowledge we need as well as the valuable connections to our community near the what happens near the what is lost let's be there by committing to be prepared and
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encouraging our loved ones to be prepared also thank you for coming here this evening. >> thank you very much mark your relationship with the american red cross is extremely important it's been mentioned pg&e is doing a lot since 1989 we'll note our c. construction standards have improved our electric and gas lines are better we integrate technology such as a our gas unit we have really increased our disadvantaged modeling capacities to understand the magnitude of an earthquake right after it occurs there's nothing more important then the logo of the first responders the police and fire teams to make sure we have the training and experiences to make sure we're prepared and, of course, work
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with the american red cross to make sure the communities are up and running we saw that about 6 weeks ago after the napa earthquake many negligence came together it centers around planning, relationships, training and making sure as a company we show up to bring our communities back up to their normal running capacities and with that, i'm going to turn it over to bob. >> (clapping) >> thanks guys good job. >> how about a nice hand for all our speakers this afternoon you know we do live in a great place let's look go ahead to our future we want you to stick around through notice
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(music) >> herb theatre,open rehearsal. listen to the rehearsal. i think it is fun for them, they see our work process, our discussions,
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the decisions we make. it is good for us. we kind of behavior little bit when we have people in the audience. msk (music) >> we are rehearsing for our most expensive tour; plus two concerts here. we are proud that the growth of the orchestra, and how it is expanded and it is being accepted. my ambition when i came on as music director here -- it was evident we needed absolutely excellent work. also evident to me that i thought everyone should know that. this was my purpose. and after we opened, which was a spectacular opening concert about five weeks after that the economy
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completely crashed. my plan -- and i'm absolutely dogmatic about my plans --were delayed slightly. i would say that in this very difficult timefor the arts and everyone, especially the arts, it's phenomenal how new century has grown where many unfortunate organizations have stopped. during this period we got ourselves on national radio presence; we started touring, releasing cds, a dvd. we continue to tour. reputation grows and grows and grows and it has never stopped going forward. msk(music) >> the bay area knows the orchestra.


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